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At Vixens we are devoted to offering unique companionship services and thrilled to be giving Canberra its only dedicated escort agency. We think this is a long-overdue step in the Canberra adult industry and can’t wait to build relationships with both providers and clients. We see ourselves as an escorting concierge service – we take the hassle out of booking appointments for both parties, leaving the magic and fun up to you!

For both locals and visitors to the nation’s capital alike, Vixens will be a vibrant and experienced addition to the Canberra industry. With over 15 years of combined adult industry experience, Vixens is run by a local Canberran, and her fresh and eager team.

An alternative to Canberra’s full service parlours and private escorts – Vixens gives you the best of both worlds. The quality of booking an independent escort with a fantastic reception and administration team to provide the most professional and seamless booking process. We are here to help if you have your eye on someone special for an intimate date, looking for a last minute encounter or don’t know where to start.

Our Vixens are polished, discreet and professional companions. Sophisticated in her own unique way a Vixen knows how to carry herself inside and outside of the bedroom. Passionate, empathetic, adventurous and fun, time with a Vixen is second to none.

Creative, innovative, professional and personable we have a deep desire to better the current status quo of escort services offered in the Capital. We pride ourselves on enhancing Canberra’s sex industry experience and going against the tide, so come and see what the fuss is about – book your next encounter with a Vixen.

latina woman holding a glass of wine at a dining table in Canberrawhile wearing a short black dress

We believe in professional business practices from the moment you land on our website, right through the booking process, to the time spent with one of our incredible escorts, and beyond. We believe in raising the bar for the adult industry in Canberra, building relationships with our clients, or simply providing outstanding customer service to our one-time visitors.

The Vixens ethos is all about integrity, honesty and discretion.

We aim to adhere to a set of values that are mutually beneficial to both the client and the escort. We operate our business like a collective – sourcing stunning escorts and mentoring them so our clients can have an amazing time, every time. From a one-off quick rendezvous to a pre-planned dinner date, you can rely on Vixens Agency to be your personal escorting concierge service. We handle every enquiry and every booking with professionalism, integrity and the perfect amount of tailored personality.

We promise that we won’t use fake or misleading photos on our website (we aim to take our photos in an obviously Canberra-based location so you can verify them!). Our photographs are all minimally photoshopped, and where distinguishing features have been removed or blurred we will always be honest in our descriptions of our beautiful Vixens escorts if you would like to know more.

Your privacy with us is guaranteed – we understand how small Canberra is… your secret is always safe with us! One of the selection criteria upon hiring our superb Vixens is their ability to be discreet. If you are at all concerned, please feel free to get in contact with our wonderful (small) reception team and hopefully we can reassure you.

Hi, I'm Donna.

Thank you so much for making it this far on the site! I am really thrilled to be launching my exciting new venture Vixens Agency with the help of some forward-thinking industry friends.

Some of you may know me from my massage studio Red Door Canberra, known in the Canberra adult entertainment industry as being professional, progressive, ethical and of course sensual, sexy and all things slippery and fun!

I love the dynamic nature of the industry – no two days are the same. I love the connections we make with clients, the friendships we build and the unique moments the industry presents both clients and providers alike.

I have over a decade of industry experience, as both a service provider and manager. It was when I was given the amazing opportunity at twenty-five to work as a personal assistant to the owner of an international escort agency where I found my true calling and ventured down the path of managing escorts and eventually opening Red Door.

I am passionate about doing things differently. Working for the agency I saw how we can run a business from our pocket (or perhaps more fittingly, handbag), allowing all of us to lead more flexible lives, and I am so thankful for all that my mentor gave me.

Now, after many years of being out on my own, I have successfully managed an establishment, domestic and international escorting tours and I am excited about what the future brings the adult industry in Canberra and beyond.

So here we are – almost at the launch of Vixens! I truly hope you can join us in December, and until then – don’t be shy, reach out and say hi!

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